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Immunodeficiency diseases in cats (FIV)

Immunodeficiency disease in cats (FIV), also known as HIV disease in cats, is caused by a virus belonging to the retrovirus family. Immunodeficiency in cats (FIV) is common worldwide and its rates vary between geographic areas. Across the United States and Canada, antibody rates (FIV) range from about 4% to 24%. With a team of… Read More »

Prevention of small liver fluke in dogs

Prevention of small liver fluke in dogs is necessary. Dogs can not only get sick but people can get sick. Referring to diseases related to eating habits, liver fluke is one of the leading groups. Do you know effective prevention? If you have not found an effective solution, the following article is for you. Preventing… Read More »

How Many Times a Day Do You Feed a Gerbil?

When you have your favorite pet, you know that you need to take total care of your pet. You need to keep in mind each and every detail of what your pet needs. Feeding, of course, is one of the most important aspects that you should focus more on. You need to also know how… Read More »

What Is the Best Chinchilla Cage?

Chinchillas are known for their massive ears, adorable look and big eyes. Many people have a chinchilla as their favourite pet at their home. They are happy to spend their leisure time with this pet and enhance their routine activities to make their pet comfortable in all aspects. Individuals who have recently bought a cute… Read More »